It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But…It can also be filled with less magical things, like stress, weight gain and hangovers. We know you want to stay feeling merry and bright, so we’ve compiled our healthy hacks for the holidays.

Stay Hydrated


Between all the shopping, traveling and… imbibing, hydration can often be the first thing to go during the holidays. Hydration is key to health. And, when it comes to hydration, nothing beats good old H2O.

“CamelBak hydration advisor Kate Geagan, RD says it’s not uncommon to put on weight by mistaking thirst for hunger, and she offers this pro tip: Next time you feel fatigued or sluggish, ‘drinking water may be just what [you] need to perk up.’”

While the numbers vary, a good rule of thumb is to drink enough water so you have to go to the bathroom every 2-4 hours. This should add up to about 3.7 liters/day for men, and 2.7 liters/ day for women.

Keep a bottle of water on you at all times this season, and drink, drink, drink! Other great tips are to drink a full glass of water before and after every meal, especially those heavy holiday meals!

Keep your nutrition in check

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We know. We KNOW. Temptation is everywhere during the holidays. Cookies are appearing on every table, you’ve got more holiday parties than you can handle, and you’d like to dive headfirst into a pool of eggnog. But all that extra sugar, alcohol, and heavy food can really take its toll, on your waistline and your anxiety levels.

Here are some smart tips to keep your nutrition in check this season:

  •  Pace yourself
    • Eat at regular intervals. Don’t skip meals to “save your appetite”, and feel sorry later on your fifth piece of pie. An easy tip? Have a healthy, high protein breakfast, and lots of fruits and veggies throughout the day to avoid getting hungry when the treats show up.
  • Bring a healthy dish
    • If you’re worried about lack of healthy options at a holiday soiree, a great tip is to bring your own. That way, you’re both a gracious guest and you know you have something to snack on that won’t have you feeling sorry and sluggish.
  • Plan your indulgences
    • Consuming every gingerbread man in sight “because it’s the holidays” isn’t a wise strategy when it comes to staying healthy. Instead, plan your one treat consciously. If grandma makes the BEST pumpkin pie, plan for a small slice, and skip the random candy canes. Keep your planned indulgences to 1 a week, and you can enjoy the season’s treats without wrecking your waistline.
  • Supplement with Probiotics
    • The holidays are a time where we’re eating (and drinking) all kinds of things we wouldn’t normally. This can throw your gut all out of whack, and leave you feeling less than your best. Taking a probiotic supplement can help immensely with digesting all of that holiday joy. LoveBug probiotics are filled with gut-friendly bacteria that are essential to keeping your tummy healthy and happy this holiday season.

“Gut bacteria don’t just aid in digestion, they actually play a critical role in our metabolism. They influence the way we store fat, regulate glucose, express metabolism genes and they can even regulate our appetite. Groundbreaking science is indicating that the balance of gut bacteria might be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, factor in controlling appetite, metabolic health and weight.”
LoveBug Probiotics

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