Giving your wee ones a healthy gut is a gift that keeps on giving

Great moms, like you, want to give their kids everything they possibly can to keep them happy. As it turns out, one of the best presents you can give your bundle of joy isn’t a shiny new bike, or a cute baby doll—it’s the gift of a healthy gut.

Probiotics—“friendly” bacteria that keep digestive systems running smoothly and boost immunity—often fall out of whack inside humans of any age. Studies show that maintaining a balance of these helpful little critters are especially beneficial in keeping your tykes healthy. What’s more, probiotics are a gift that keeps on giving—a healthy gut gives precious youngsters like yours the strong start in life they deserve.


Ready, set, GO!

A person’s microbiome (the bacteria and other organisms in the body that help it work) isestablished at birth, and before. Moms can pass on some of these good-guy gut helpers while the baby’s still in the womb working on getting born. Scientists have found that giving fetuses a head start on gut health and exposing them to various probiotic strains while they’re developing leads to stronger immune systems, better digestive health and other benefits at birth and beyond. During birth, babies are exposed to even more of their mothers’ helpful bacteria as they travel through the birth canal.

Unfortunately, there’s a bunch of obstacles in the way of young children’s gut health. A full 33% of US births are C-sections, which can negatively impact the baby’s balance of good bacteria. Many expectant moms are dosed with antibiotics while in the delivery room, which can knock a baby’s microbiome out of whack. What’s more, before the age of four—just when their teeny bodies should be working on building a good gut-health foundation—kids receive more antibiotics than any other age group.


Moms to the rescue

Thankfully, moms now have the power to set the balance right from the very beginning of their young ones’ lives, through the use of probiotics. The benefits of probiotics and good gut health for children are numerous.

Better microbial balance leads to super-duper immune systems—which means fewer illnesses and quicker recovery. If the doc says antibiotics are a must for your sick child, better microbiome health could mean fewer rounds of the drug will be needed to get them healthy again. Preemies given probiotics fuss and cry less (a blessing, any new mom would tell you). Plus, studies are currently being conducted to examine the role probiotics have in treating and preventing a whole bunch of ailments—diarrhea, constipation, dermatitis, eczema and respiratory problems, to name a few.*


Not all bugs are created equal

When it comes to probiotics, there’s a legion of different strains—some are more effective and beneficial than others. The bugs that LoveBug puts to work in its products include Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, the strain that tops them all. These microscopic heroes can helpmaintain a strong gastrointestinal and respiratory tract. in your youngsters.* The little powerhouses alsoget your child started on a healthy, happy life—building a strong immune system, helping digestion of dairy products, and more.

Because your kids are special, LoveBug offers probiotics products formulated especially for their little bodies:

  • Tiny Tummies (geared toward tykes from six months to four years old) comes in convenient individual probiotic powder packets for adding to cool food or drink, including formula
  • Little Ones, designed for children aged 4 and up, are easy-to-swallow 6mm probiotic spheres, 15x more effective than chewables

Like all other LoveBug probiotics, Tiny Tummies and Little ones are made in the US; are non-GMO; contain no sugar, yeast, gluten, or lactose; and are free of preservatives, and artificial chemicals and flavors. Because you want only the best for your kids, LoveBug gives its best to you.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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