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Not all probiotics are created equal.  Our company is firmly rooted in science, and our intense research has led us to develop a line of products and targeted plans with blends of probiotic strains shown to have particular health advantages, and a patented delivery system designed to offer the greatest benefit to your body.

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LoveBug Probiotics are 15 times more effective than other supplements, thanks to the work of our scientific development team. BIO-tract® delivery technology ensures as many organisms reach your digestive tract as possible, for the greatest benefit to your health. Each supplement consists of a proprietary probiotic blend, with every strain selected for its specialized health benefits. Thanks to our scientific foundation and passion for the pursuit of probiotic knowledge, LoveBug Probiotics is uniquely qualified to deliver good gut health to you.


Ashley and Hudson Harris

Our story starts with bugs. During the birth of her son Hudson, LoveBug Probiotics co-founder Ashley Harris was put on broad-spectrum antibiotics as a preventive measure. Over the next few months both Ashley and Hudson started getting sick. Ashley began suffering constant migraines and noticed a weakened immune system. Her son was very colicky, had digestive issues and then right around the same time both Ashley and Hudson developed eczema. Frustrated, Ashley began a quest to discover what was happening to her and her son, and why. The culprit: bad gut bacteria. Doctors tested Ashley and found her symptoms were tied to a severe imbalance in her gut bacteria and that she had an array of digestive issues including candida, dysbiosis, and leaky gut. Her microbiome had very little of the good bacteria vital to good health – and plenty of the bad bugs.

After discovering both she and Hudson had an imbalance in their gut bacteria, Ashley prodded her husband, co-founder Ben Harris, to get his own labs done. He found an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in his digestive system as well. Research led them to the wonders of probiotics and, after taking them, they noticed a dramatic turnaround in their overall health.

Fascinated, and committed to sharing their newly acquired good gut health with the world, they jumped into serious research. Partnering with leading scientists, they set out to create supplements with only the best probiotic strains, delivering the most bugs to where they’re needed to do their work. LoveBug Probiotics was born!


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From the beginning, the LoveBug team knew the key component to probiotic success is scientific knowledge. That’s why at the outset we worked with internationally recognized doctors and scientists to build a strong foundation of solid expertise. That dedication has led to a robust line of probiotic products and plans targeted to specialized groups and health concerns, with the scientific backing to provide confidence in our carefully created supplements.

  • Our team includes Jonathan Weiss, a healthcare expert with degrees from Oxford University, Stanford University and the University of Chicago
  • Years of research has led to development of optimal, proprietary blends of probiotic strains for each targeted supplement and plan
  • Each supplement features a patented delivery technology designed to deliver the maximum number of organisms to the gut to do their job
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LoveBug Probiotics supplements feature BIO-tract®, a patented delivery technology scientifically developed to protect the tablets against stomach acids and other rigors of digestion, so they can reach the gut to perform their work


While many probiotic supplements consist of one strain, each of our probiotics contains a specialized blend of strains designed to provide the optimal benefit, with each daily dose delivering 3 billion good bugs into your digestive system


LoveBug Probiotics are formulated without gluten, GMOs and other undesirable ingredients, leaving more room in each tablet for the helpful microorganisms at the core of our plans



JONATHAN WEISS M.D., MSc - Jonathan earned his medical degree from the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine. Jonathan holds an MSc in Health Economics and Policy from Stanford University and a MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Jonathan also has a BA in law from Oxford University and a BA in Government from Harvard University.

Jonathan is founder and CEO of HealthEngine, a platform to bring purchasers and providers together in a marketplace for healthcare services. Jonathan co-founded Nations Healthcare, one of the largest diagnostic and surgery center companies in the United Kingdom contracted to build, staff, and manage specialty hospitals to diagnose and treat 300,000 patients annually. Jonathan also co-founded Premier Health Partners, an operator of medical networks in the primary health and specialist physician fields throughout the UK and Europe.

Jonathan serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Oxford University Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and acts as a director and consultant to Fortune 100 U.S. Insurers and medical management firms. He lives in Chicago with his wife and two children.


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